Success Secrets

Are you in control of your life or is your life in control of you?
Do you feel overwhelmed or on top of things?
Are your dreams coming true or dying of discouragement?

Hi, I'm Steven Horne. At the end of 2009, Murphy's Law took hold in my life and just about everything that could go wrong did. It looked like my life was going to fall completely apart and I was going to lose everything.

Now, just a little over four years later, things are going better than ever. My finances are better, my energy is better and my life is moving in a direction that I'm excited, enthused and happy about.

lemon.jpgSo, how do you turn the lemons of your life into lemonade?

Well, that's what I discussed in this webinar.  I talk about how you can start getting control of your life and moving things in a direction that helps you realize your dreams.  

I'm not talking rah, rah theoretical hype here either. I've proven what I'm going to be talking about in the "fires of adversity."

So, watch this webinar and learn the skills you can develop to turn your own tragedies into triumph.

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Additional Help and Resources.

On the webinar I mention some resource materials I've used that have helped me. Here they are:

Steven K. Scott

Mentored by a Millionaire (book)
Mentored by a Millionaire (audio program)
Solomon's Treasures (audio program)
Simple Secrets to Impossible Dreams (book)

I've never found a more practical guide to achieving what you want in life than that offered by Steven K. Scott. I've listened to the audio program Mentored by a Millionaire at least a dozen times and have put much of what he teaches into practice. Steven K. Scott is a Christian and how he approaches this subject is obviously influenced by the Bible, particularly the teachings of Solomon. I personally love his approach. It has helped me immensely. Elena and I will be using the Simple Secrets to Impossible Dreams book as part of our coaching program (see below). All of Scott's materials can be found on his website.

Napoleon Hill

The Science of Personal Achievement (audio program)
Grow Rich! With Peace of Mind (book)

I think Napoleon Hill's work has been bastardized by programs like The Secret. The title of his first book, Think and Grow Rich, has been used to imply that you can get materially rich by simply "thinking positively" and you will magically attract everything you want. Napoleon Hill taught nothing of the sort. He stressed that you had to acquire definiteness of purpose that not only stated what you wanted out of life, but what you were willing to give to the world in order to get it. He taught that thinking alone acomplishes nothing and that you had to take action on what you desired. He called this taking action applied faith. He also taught that material riches were only part of the riches that one should seek for, with happiness, peace of mind, loving relationships with others and so forth as being the greater riches. Although Napoleon Hill doesn't come across as a "religious" man, he certainly was a spiritual man and one who has a lot to teach us about how faith really works.

Other Resources

Energy Leadership: Transforming Your Workplace and Your Life from the Core by Bruce Schneider (book)
Stop Searching and Start Living by Hans Christian King (audio program)
Sons of God by Christine Mercie (This little book has had a powerful influence on my life. It is where I learned to trust that all setbacks and obstacles have a Divine purpose.)

Coaching Program

As I was reviewing Steven K. Scotts material, I realized that one of the reasons I was failing to acheive some of my personal goals was because I was failing to utilize the MasterMind Alliance principle. I needed someone to be accountable to for my progress.  Around the same time, Elena Gavrilova asked me about learning to do emotional healling work. She had decided this was what she wanted to do with her life. (You can read her statement below.)  Knowing what a positive person she was, and what a good listener she was, I said I'd coach her on how to get started and told her I'd be her first client.  So, I offered to pay her $50 a week to help me stay motivated and on track with my goals. It made all the difference.

I had seen the value of having a coach (and someone who is a cheerleader for you, too) because I've paid as much as $400 an hour for coaching. But who can afford to keep that up over any length of time. Certainly not me. So, I thought, if this helps me, it will probably help others. So, I came up with the idea to pilot an affordable coaching program. I've got a lot of dreams and goals I'm working on, so my time for this is limited, but I really believe that we can help a few people, so I decided, let's do it.

Both Elena and I really want to help people and since Elena is a stay-at-home mom, it's a great way for her to fulfill her dream of helping people, while being able to provide for her daughter. So, here's our coaching program plan.

If you join our coaching program, we'll spend an initial hour with you on the phone helping you create an action plan for achieving your dreams and goals. Each week Elena will spend 1/2 hour with you asking for a report on your progress. She will encourage you and help you overcome emotional struggles that are blocking you from reaching your goals. She will report your progress to me and we will work together to help you succeed. If you continue coaching with us, I will join Elena for one of the 1/2 follow-ups each month.

The great thing, is this isn't going to cost you $400-500 an hour. It's only going to cost you $175 for the first month, and $125 for each additional month you allow us to continue coaching you. Plus, we'll give you a half-hour of free coaching with no obligation to continue.

My primary motive in this isn't the money. I have three primary reasons for offering this. One is to help Elena get started because I think she's great at this, another is because I really like helping people and want to see people succeed in life and three, because I want to put what I know into application so I can develop the material for my next book, Healing is a Divine Gift from a very practical standpoint.

Since my time is limited, we can only take a few clients.  So, if you're interested, fill out the online coaching application. We'll get back with you as we have time available for your free half-hour coaching session.

As with anything I do, if you're not satisfied that we can help you after our initial call, we'll refund your money, too.

Elena's Mission Statement

I asked Elena to write up a statement about what she wants to accomplish and here's what she wrote:

Hello, Im Elena.

I live in Las Vegas where I see a lot of different people. Very often I meet people who are lost, scared, unhappy or depressed. Most of the time I know how to help these people. I want to encourage them and help them to feel that they can change their lives for the better.

I believe we were all born to be happy and successful. Everyone is gifted and talented. Everybody can achieve anything he or she wants.

My mission is to help people understand that there are no limits to dreams and everything they want is possible. Be brave to dream big. Open your mind to possibilities, think positive and you will find your way to success, wealth and happiness.

One of the most important things we can do is to set goals. We have to pay attention to our needs and then write down what we want to have. It`s a very important step. Be strong and you will fulfill your goals.

I feel inspired and enthusiastic about helping people to find the right direction in life. I like to help people choose the path which will give them the best life. Tell me what holds you back, what discourages you and makes you upset and we will find the way out of those troubles together.

I believe God helps us to find what we want. I will help you to understand yourself and tune into what will take you to the right direction. I really care about you and I want you to be successful and happy.

Let's  make your dreams come true!