Prophesy and Preparedness Webinar Series


This is a series of free webinars I did during 2013 sharing my beliefs about what we'll soon be facing, based on my understanding of prophecy and personal spiritual insights.  I discuss both what I believe is going to happen and how to prepare for it both physically and spiritually.

Here is a list of the webinars I did.

Prophesy 1: Prophesy and American History.

This is a continuation of what I discussed in my first prophesy webinar, An Interesting View of Prophesy.  I recommend viewing that one before watching this one as it will begin where that webinar left off.

Prophesy 2: A New Heaven and a New Earth.

This explores the changes that have taken place in the earth and heavens in the past, so we can understand what is going to be happening in the future.  This is essential to understanding the prophesies in Isaiah and Revelation.

Prophesy 3: Babylon the Great and Our Money System.

In this webinar we discuss the monetary system and my take on the mark of the best. This information really helps one understand the prophecies of John in Revelation.

Preparedness 1: Spiritual Preparedness—Listening to the Still, Small Voice

The most important preparation for what is coming is spiritual, not physical. In this webinar, I discuss how to learn to listen to the spirit and get guidance for yourself and your family.

Preparedness 2: Herbal Medicine and Preparedness.

This webinar is about learning to use local medicinal plants in case of emergencies. I believe that a knowledge of herbal medicine will be critical for many people's survival.

Preparedness 3: Food Storage 

This is a discussion of what to store, how to store it and why. I've already done two webinars on this topic, which I recommend viewing first: Are You Prepared? and Emergency Preparedness for Herbalists.

Preparedness 3: Survival Skills (4 Things to Prepare 4)

In this webinar I summarize some important skills needed to cope with disasters and difficult times.  I share the specific four things I believe we're going to be facing shortly and four basic survival skills: Stay Calm, Stay Warm (or Cool), Stay Hydrated and Stay Well.