Exploring the Prophesies of Isaiah 2

This is the second half of the Exploring the Prophecies of Isaiah series. The program I'm using only allows nine pages per article, so I had to start a second link for the second half of the handouts and recordings.

Again, Isaiah's prophecies give me great hope for the future in spite of some of the troubles that may lie ahead. Having studied Isaiah extensively I wanted to share my insights with others, so I've set up a special free webinar series.  I'll go through selected Chapters of Isaiah and discuss how they apply to our day, weaving in other Old and New Testament prophecies, spiritual insights and tips for preparing for what's ahead.  I've decided that spiritual preparation is much more important than temporal preparation, although I believe it is wise to do both.

I'll also host these on Sunday night (approximately every two weeks) from January through August (16 sessions). All sessions will be held at 9:00 ET, 8:00 CT, 7:00 MT and 6:00 PT.  If this interests you, please register for the series using the link below.

Register for Exploring the Prophecies of Isaiah

Sessions will be as follows.  Handouts and recordings will be posted on this page after the session date. Depending on my travel schedule dates may be subject to changes. The additional pages of this article contain the webinar recordings from the various sessions or you can click on the links below to access them.

Part One - Jan 5, 2014

Part Two - Jan 19, 2014

Part Three - Feb 2, 2014

Part Four - Feb 16, 2014

Part Five - Mar 16, 2014

Part Six - April 6, 2014

Part Seven - May 4, 2014

Part Eight - May 25, 2014

Part Nine - Jun 15, 2014

Part Ten - Jun 22, 2014

Part Eleven - Jul 6, 2014

Part Twelve - Jul 20, 2014

Part Thirteen - Aug 3, 2014

Part Fourteen - Aug 17, 2014

Part Fifteen - Sept 14, 2014