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Book Reviews

book-review.gifI'm dedicated to being a life-long learner, whch is why I'm an avid reader. In fact, one might say I'm a book addict.  I read several books each month, and I study a wide variety of topics.  Here are some books I really like. I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do. — Steven Horne

The Untethered Soul

  • Recomendation
  • February 9, 2014

untethered-soul.jpgEllen-Tart Jensen sent me a copy of this book as a gift and I'm so grateful she did. It's not that this book taught me a lot of things I didn't already understand, it just expressed them in a new and refreshing way that helped me rededicate myself to actually putting these things into practice. I love this book. It has become one of my favorite books on spirituality.

Lost Tribes of Israel Books

  • Book Review

In keeping with the theme of my webinar "An Interesting View of Prophecy" I found a series of four books that are nothing short of amazing in terms of identifying the history of Israel (not Judah) and linking Israel to modern day nations.  These books help you see history in a whole new way that actually supports the Bible and confirms the accuracy of Biblical prophecy.


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