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Let Freedom Ring

freedom-2.jpgI love liberty. The principles of liberty are sacred to me, and one of my greatest desires is for liberty to be extended to all people of every age, every sex, every race, every religion, every economic status and every nationality. Lately, I have experienced a growing, burning desire to share my perspective on the connection between liberty, morality and spirituality. So, I’m writing a series of articles on this topic.

Doing this means discussing two highly sensitive topics, politics and religion. And normally, because I dislike strife and debate, I avoid both of these topics in public conversation. I normally seek to live my beliefs rather than preach them, because I believe something one of my uncles (Walter Horne) wrote. If you substitute “gospel standards” with “principles of truth” in this short poem you’ll pretty much have my philosophy.

When gospel standards you have learned,
It's best to strictly live the letter,
But where judging others is concerned,
A bit of tolerance is better.

I have a hard enough time trying to manage my own life, so I don't feel I have the right to manage the lives of others. I believe no person knows you better than you do (except God), so who is better qualified to decide what's right for you than you are?

So, as I share my understanding of the principles of liberty with you, I fully understand that you may disagree with me. I'm perfectly OK with that, because you are totally free to disagree with me. I feel no desire to try to force, intimidate or manipulate you into agreeing with me. I will not argue about these things. I'll discuss them but will never argue in an effort to convince you that I am right and you are wrong. If these teachings do not inspire you as they do me that is fine with me. I'm just presenting them for your consideration.

I will also warn you in advance that my beliefs about liberty are inseparable from my spiritual beliefs. They are in fact, one and the same. But don't be too concerned about that. I do not belong to any organized religion, so I'm not trying to convert you to anything. Again, just sharing my perspective for your consideration.

Note: Somehow, when I added additional pages to the article, it put the newest pages in first instead of last.  I'm unable to fix this for some reason. So, us these links to naviage the pages in the correct order:

Part One: The Source of Our Liberty

Part Two: Morality and the Common Law

Part Three: America is a Republic, Not a Democracy


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