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relationships.gifThis section contains articles and information that reflect my thoughts and ideas on relationships, parenting and other related topics. Healthy relationships are part of a healthy life and require good relationship skills.

Blame It On Hormones

The Biological Differences
Between Men and Women

Contrary to what some people teach, the differences between men and women are biological in nature and understanding how we are different can lead to greater understanding, tolerance and respect on both sides. This article is about those differences.

Liberating Femininity

It's Time to Recognize That
Feelings are as Valid as Logic

In our society, thinking is viewed as the source of everything.  We are commonly taught that everything starts with thinking, hence the admonition to "think positively."  However, we were feeling creatures before we were thinking creatures.  Women, who tend to be more in tune with their feelings are often made to feel that being equal to a man means having to sacrifice their emotions and be more logical.  This isn't the case.  Feelings are equally important to thinking and until we value feelings as much as we value thinking, we will not fully respect or value femininity.


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