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Money, Politics and Freedom

freedom.gifThis section contains articles and information about my thoughts on money, politics, freedom and other related topics. I believe in the principles of the American republic established by our founding fathers and want to educate people about government and our monetary system.

Let Freedom Ring

I love liberty. The principles of libery are sacred to me, and one of my greatest desires is for liberty to be extended to all people of every age, every sex, every race, every religion, every economic status and every nationality. Lately, I have experienced a growing, burning desire to share my perspective on the connection between liberty, morality and spirituality. This will be a series of articles on the subject.

My Visions of the Future

If You're Concerned About What's
Happening in Our Country, Read This

This article tells about the spiritual experiences I had when I was young which propelled me into the study of herbs and natural healing.  But, these spiritual experiences did a lot more than that.  They also prompted me on a journey of discovery that has lead me to numerous other skills and information that I believe people need to navigate through the difficult times that lie ahead.  As I am seeing the things that I was shown start to be fulfilled, I realize that I have a responsibility to share what I know, not as a message of doom and gloom, but as a message of hope.  Because I've not only been shown some of the dark things that will shortly happen in our society, I've also been shown what I can do about it.  This article marks the beginning of my commitment to start sharing (as Paul Harvey used to say) "the rest of the story..."


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